• Catwalk and Photo-shoot in co-operation with Beckmans College of Design

  • Hårgänget | Salon Collection S|S 2015 | Grunge Couture & Colossus

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Hårgänget | Salon Collection | La Vision S|S 2016

Our S|S 2016 Salon Collection is inspired by the work of fashion photographer Paolo Roversi, with a nostalgic touch of David Bowie iconic visual influence.

The Haircuts are strong, yet versatile, adapteble to many hair length, from short to very long. The Colour Palette this created by juxtaposing Violet, Orange and Lila to iridescent natural base colours, in order to create interesting focal points, within the geometric shapes.
Almond Oil is used to create the healthy, touchable, photographic finish to the hair.

Movable, elegant and sophisticated is the look for S|S 2016.




Hårgänget | Salon Collection | Blast A|W 2015

Hårgänget A|W Salon Collection for 2015 is created by blending together three different Sub-collections.

PIXELMANIA – A new approach to colouring hair, Pixelation is introducing strong and bold colours close to the roots of the hair.

SUBTERRANEA – Barbering techniques are used to create a dusty underground feeling for men’s hair.

BLAST – When girls and boys blend together.

Hårgänget | Salon Collection | Mid Season 2015 | Editorial Materialistic

Catwalk and Photo-shoot in co-operation with Beckmans College of Design

Salon Collection S|S 2015 | Grunge Couture 3 girls

Inspired by the minimalistic revival of 90’s Fashion, our Salon Collection has a Grunge Couture feeling. The haircuts are harmonius, yet decostructured, with shine-free finish.The colour palette is created by mixing natural tones to metallic copper and muted grey.

Salon Collection S|S 2015 | Colossus 3 boys

Inspired by the work of designer David Brask, the collection has no specific time reference. Men hair this season is getting longer and less tailored-made, salt and dust are the main ingredients to create a effortlessly sophisticated look.

Mist | Salon Collection | S\S 2014

Clean graphic lines, refined forms and smoked colours collide to create contrasting textures, the result is a striking combinations of purity and precision.

Chiaroscuro | Mens Salon Collection | S\S 2014

The Chiaroscuro Mens Salon Collection has fashion forward hair for the modern male, effortless and cool, created by
cold colours and disconnected shapes.

Bright Shadow | Salon Collection | A/W 2013

The Bright Shadow Salon Collection is base on 1940 Retro-Futuristic looks, created by introducing visible and concealed disconnected length on beautifully balanced shapes. Different hair length and hair texture define the strong feminine feeling of this collection.

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